ConCreTe Flows

Workflows for the ConCreTe project.

What is ConCreTeFlows?

ConCreTeFlows is a special fork of the ClowdFlows project focused on the workflows and widgets of the EU project ConCreTe.

a screenshot of three workflows

Work anywhere

The non local nature of the application allows you to work anywhere at anytime! No installation required!

It's a web application, and your work is saved on the server.

Absolutely free

You can use the platform for free! Just register and you're good to go!

Powerful workflow controls

Organize your workflows with powerful tools that allow packing workflows into workflow elements and even running them in for loops.

Web services in workflows

Use WSDL webservices as workflow components.

Simply enter the WSDL URL of a webservice and use them as workflow elements. Connect them with other web services or provided workflow elements.

Data mining algorithms

Unleash the power of data mining by using Weka's algorithms that have been exposed as WSDL web services. Construct trees, build models and experiment!

Contribute and share your work

Have you constructed an interesting workflow? Share it with other people, so that they may use it to create or improve their workflows!